About Ted

I’m proud to be an Alaskan. I grew up with a commitment to serve others, and I hope to continue that service as your next representative. I earned a degree in natural resources science and spent 25 years teaching middle school science. I currently work as a Planner with the Mat-Su Borough. I’ll fight for Northeast Anchorage in Juneau asĀ your representative to the Alaska House for new House District 22.

When not working, I enjoy hiking, hunting, fishing, running, biking, paddling, skiing, gardening, and spending time with my wife. I’m a devoted dog owner and enjoy training and hunting my Labradors.

I grew up in the countryside where I learned the value of hard work and helping my neighbors. I will bring that same attitude to Juneau. I humbly ask your support for rational and effective government. Thank you.



1. How can we build better AK infrastructure?

Investing in high quality education.
Supporting the Port of Alaska.
Investing in our roads, airports, and internet.


2. How can we support working families?

Supporting a robust PFD.
Expanding job training opportunities in the trades.
Expanding childcare opportunities for working parents.


3. How can we support AK economic growth?

Reducing barriers to small businesses.
Facilitating new business growth industries.
Seeking solutions to the housing crisis.


4. How can we facilitate sustainable natural resource development?

Maintaining our fish and wildlife populations.
Responsibly developing our resources.
Building our eco-tourism industry.


5. How can we stabilize government financing?

Finding more stable ways of financing government services rather than the boom and bust format our present system has created.



Have a question? Want to assist my campaign as a volunteer? Please contact me via email. Thank you!

- Ted J. Eischeid

Ted Eischeid filing to run for House District 22

Thank you for your support!

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