Make your plan to vote by Tuesday, November 8th

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Our House District #22: North Muldoon


 There are 4 polling places in House District 22:

22-750 NE Anchorage Precinct No. 1 Wonder Park Elementary School 5101 E 4th Ave
22-755 NE Anchorage Precinct No. 2 Ptarmigan Elementary School 888 Edward St
22-760 NE Anchorage Precinct No. 3 Creekside Park Elementary School 7500 E 6th Ave
22-765 NE Anchorage Precinct No. 4 Muldoon Elementary School 525 Cherry St

Polling places are open 7 AM – 8 PM on Tuesday, November 8th.

Tuesday, November 8th is also the deadline for returning absentee ballots.

Confirm where your polling place and make your plan to vote at





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